New Feature Releases in Radar

24th April 2024: Revamped Results Snapshot Page

The Results Snapshot Page has undergone a major update, enhancing your experience and efficiency. The Results Calendar and Snapshot are now neatly organised into distinct sections, ensuring seamless navigation. Plus, we have introduced a feature to filter results by market cap and some advanced result filter with options like Profit Turnaround, Reducing Promoter Pledge, Reducing Debt, Improving ROCE, and more.

24th April 2024: Additions in "Performance" Tab

Introducing a fresh perspective on standalone and consolidated data. Now, alongside comprehensive metrics, you will find a line chart displaying sales, net profit, and other key indicators.

24th April 2024: Bar Graph in Shareholding Tab

Introducing the stacked bar graph in Shareholding tab. This graphical representation offers a quick view of shareholding patterns, allowing you to analyse ownership structures more easily.

29th March 2024: DuPont Analysis Now Available

Introducing DuPont Analysis in the Tools section. Now, you can see the factors influencing a company's Return on Equity (ROE). With numerous filtering options available, you can customise your analysis by selecting the direction of ROE - be it increasing or decreasing, scanning specific groups or indices and more additional filter options. With this tool, you can compare operational efficiency between similar companies.

29th March 2024: Added News Tab

Within the Corp Info and News section, a dedicated News tab has been introduced. You can now access the latest news related to the company as well as updates from various media houses directly from this tab.

29th March 2024: Expanded Scanner Creation Options

The scanner feature has been enhanced to provide you with more options now. While creating scanners you can now add arithmetic operations and utilise additional functions such as "or" to create scanners tailored for your specific requirements.

29th March 2024: Corp. Info and News Section Restructured

Corporate Announcements, Corporate Action and Board of Directors tab have been consolidated into a unified “Corp. Info and News” section. You can now access all corporate announcements and actions under this single section for streamlined navigation and enhanced user experience.

2nd March 2024: Universal Search for All Scanners

Now you have access to a Universal Search feature to search for scanners within Radar. This feature enables quick and efficient searching, allowing users to find relevant scanners using parameter names with ease.

2nd March 2024: View All Public Scanners of a Particular User

You can now view all public scanners associated with a specific creator by simply clicking on their names. This enhancement provides you with greater visibility into the scanners created by others, facilitating collaboration and information sharing within the platform.

2nd March 2024: Corporate Announcements

Introducing a new section titled "Corporate Announcements" within the Tools section of Radar. Additionally, each individual company page now includes a dedicated section for Corporate Announcements. This feature ensures that users stay informed about important announcements and updates from companies.

19th January 2024: Detailed Shareholding

The Detailed Shareholding feature provides a comprehensive list of promoters along with their shareholding percentages. Users can easily access historical shareholding data as well. This information is crucial for understanding the ownership structure of the organisation.

19th January 2024: New Tab - “Board”

Introducing the "Board" tab, which offers detailed information about board members, including their designations, remuneration and remuneration as a percentage of net profit. This feature enhances transparency regarding the roles and compensations of key individuals within the organisation.

19th January 2024: TTM (The Trailing Twelve Months)

The Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) data is now available in the "Yearly Results" tab. This addition allows users to assess a company's financial performance in the most recent 12-month period, providing a more relevant and current perspective.

19th January 2024: Volume in Scanners

Now, you can easily create scanners using volume with averages over different time periods (1 week, 1 month and 1 year). This data helps in understanding the market activity associated with the organisation.

19th January 2024: Export Scanners Results

Users now have the option to export scanner results with all columns in CSV format. By using this feature, you can analyze data and integrate it with external tools.

2nd January 2024: DCF and Reverse DCF Calculator

Introducing our latest feature: the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) calculator and Reverse DCF calculator. This tool is designed to provide you with a detailed analysis of a company's intrinsic (fair) value. With the ability to customise the parameters for each company, you can now obtain fair value estimates on a 3, 5, 7, 10, and customisable year-end basis.

One of the standout features of our DCF calculator is the inclusion of a Margin of Safety metric. This provides information on how undervalued or overvalued a company's share price is relative to its intrinsic value. This strategic information equips you with a better understanding of potential investment opportunities and risks.
In addition to the DCF calculator, we are introducing the Reverse DCF calculator, which helps in assessing the achievability of implied growth rates. By reverse-engineering the valuation model, this feature helps you determine if the growth rates implied by the model are realistic and align with your expectations.

11th December 2023: Universal Corporate Actions

Introducing the new Universal Corporate Actions Tab, a feature designed to enhance your experience by consolidating corporate action information for all listed companies in one central location. This tab provides a holistic view, allowing you to explore historical corporate actions and stay updated on the latest announcements. Introducing the new Universal Corporate Actions Tab, a feature designed to enhance your experience by consolidating corporate actions for all listed companies in one central location. This tab provides a comprehensive view, allowing you to explore historical corporate actions and stay updated on the latest announcements.
This section allows you to quickly go through data and understand the historical and current decisions that impact a company's trajectory.

Corporate Actions page gives you the flexibility to;

  • Search by company name
  • Search by date range
  • Search and Filter by Corporate Action Purpose
  • Search by NSE, BSE, Definedge curated and User Defined Groups
  • 23rd November 2023: What's New with Sector Bytes?

  • Sectoral Snapshot Overview
    Get ready for a 360-degree view of the market with our Sectoral Snapshot feature. Sector Bytes now offers a comprehensive overview of how sectors, groups, and indices have performed in the previous quarter. The key metrics covered include:
    1. Sales Growth YoY and QoQ
    2. Profit Growth YoY and QoQ
    3. Operating Profit Margins (OPM)
    4. Net Profit Margins (NPM)
    5. Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E)
    6. Price-to-Book Ratio (P/B)

  • Median Metrics on Group Level
    Ever wondered how the Nifty indices stack up in terms of median sales growth, P/E, or any other metric? Now you can! Sector Bytes allows you to check the growth in each sector based on their median on a group level. Explore and compare the medians across different sectors with ease.

  • Deep Dive into Specific Sectors
    Zoom in on any particular sector with our deep dive feature. Discover which companies have outperformed or underperformed in terms of sales and profit growth compared to their sector's median. This functionality provides invaluable insights for a more nuanced understanding of sectoral dynamics.

  • Trend Analysis Over Quarters
    Uncover the trends with our trend analysis feature. Sector Bytes lets you track the trend of median sales growth, profit growth, OPM, NPM, P/E, and P/B over the last four quarters. Spot patterns, identify outliers, and make informed decisions based on historical sectoral performance.

  • Lookback Period Quarters
    Go back in time and analyze sectoral medians for lookback periods. Whether you're interested in a year-to-year comparison or a more extended historical analysis, Sector Bytes has you covered.

    20th November 2023: Corporate Actions Tab

    Introducing a dedicated Corporate Actions tab, providing you with a detailed overview of key financial events affecting your investments. With the introduction of Corporate Actions tab, you can now seamlessly track various corporate actions that impacts your portfolio.
    This centralised section offers quick access to crucial information related to the following corporate actions:

  • Dividends
  • Bonus Issue
  • Stock Splits
  • Buy Back
  • Rights Issue
  • 20th October 2023: Historical Ratios

    With this release you can now view historical financial ratios for all the listed companies on Radar. This update significantly expands the range of data available to you, allowing for a deeper understanding of the financial performance and stability of the companies you're interested in.
    Cells displaying current ratios are now color-coded, with red indicating a negative ratio and green indicating a positive ratio in relation to their historical median. This visual cue simplifies the process of identifying a company's current financial health and its relative performance over time.

    20th October 2023: New Additions in Performance Tab

    In this release, we have added two valuable additions: Price Performance and Gross Block Performance.

  • Price Performance:
  • You can now easily track the price performance of all the listed companies over the past 52 weeks. And to understand annual growth you can also view 3Year and 5Year CAGR.

  • Gross Block Performance:
  • Another significant addition to the Performance tab is the Gross Block Performance feature. Any increase in the Gross Block is typically attributed to capital expenditure (capex), which signifies the company's investments in its infrastructure and assets. Conversely, deletions and adjustments usually result from the sale of fixed assets. As businesses continually buy and sell assets, the Gross Block figures evolve annually.

    28th September 2023: Perks and Pitfalls

    Experience a new era of fundamental analysis with Radar's latest feature, "Perks and Pitfalls." This proprietary tool offers you a 360-degree view of a company's fundamentals, including insights into operations, financial health, Shareholding Insights, Past Performance, Financial Ratios and industry standing.

    What sets "Perks and Pitfalls" apart is the unique scoring system that distills these insights into a single score, helping you quickly assess a company's potential. And there's more - you can now leverage the "Perks and Pitfalls" score as a parameter within our scanners to create customised scan queries that align with your investment objectives. With Radar's "Perks and Pitfalls," you can simplify your investment decision making process, mitigate risk, and invest confidently!

    *Please refer to the table below to understand grading scale:

    0-25 GAMBLERS
    25-50 MIDDLERS
    50+ ACES

    15th September 2023: Market Cap Filter in the Matrix Tool

    To enhance and ease your analysis, we have successfully added a ‘Market Cap Filter’ in our Matrix Tool. This will help you refine your data analysis based on market capitalization with greater accuracy.

    You can choose from various filters and filter out stocks from market cap less than 500 crores up to market cap more than 10000 crores. You can find these filters under ‘Matrix’ in the ‘Tools’ drop-down.

    15th September 2023: "Save as Group" Functionality in Sector Analysis Tool

    Our Sector Analysis tools just got better. Now, you can create and save custom groups derived from Radar sectors with the new ‘Save as Group’ feature in the tool. This allows you to save your analyzed groups for future references.

    To save a group, go to the ‘Sector Analysis’ tool in the ‘Tools’ drop-down, enter your analysis parameters and click on the ‘Save as Group’ button. After adding a name and description for the group, you can save it.

    Once you save a group on Radar, you can later use it on RZone for efficient technical scans, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the stocks.

    15th September 2023: Sector/ Industry Column in Scan Results

    We are easing your analysis with a new update. Now you can scan and categorize data by sector or industry with the new column of sector/industry information added in the scanner output.

    This will help you scan stocks better based on the industries.

    15th September 2023: Total number of Shareholders in ShareHolding Tab

    With our latest update, you can now get a valuable insight and a comprehensive view of any company’s ownership structure. You can access vital information regarding the total number of shareholders for each company.

    7th September 2023: Enhanced Scanners with Extended Parameters

    We have upgraded our scanners to bring you something exceptional with increased available parameters. When executing queries, you can now choose from over 1000 parameters which include historical data across all line items.

    To ease navigation during analysis, the parameters have been categorized into different groups - All Ratios, Quarterly Profit and Loss, Annual Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Shareholding.

    You can add these parameters every time you are running a query on Radar.

    8th July 2023: Result Calendar Now on Radar

    Now, you can easily search for the result dates of any listed company in India and sort them by specific groups. Additionally, you will be able to view quarterly results for published reports. No more searching through multiple platforms to find result dates, with Results Calendar, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

    15th March 2023: New Matrix Tab

    A powerful addition to Radar. Now users can set price, sales, and profit conditions for filtering companies. Using the Matrix tab users can create an extensive range of datasets using these three conditions.

    05th Jan 2023: Quarterly Result Snapshot

    Find quarterly results of all listed companies of India in one glance. You can easily toggle in different companies in just one click.

    Path: Login Radar > Tools > Quarterly Result Snapshot

    18th Dec 2022: Bubble View Chart for Sector Analysis

    Along with list view, Sector analysis now can be viewed in Bubble charts. Users can use this feature to compare different companies on over 100 parameters by applying filters.

    Path: Login Radar > Tools > Sector Analysis

    01st Dec 2022: Stock Scanning Feature

    A mélange of pre-built and also custom scanners based on over 100 fundamental parameters to filter down companies as per your set parameters. Find below GIF for reference.

    Path: Login Radar > Scanners

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