New Feature Releases in MF Zone

9th April 2024: Finding Mutual Fund Stock Picks

Introducing the new "Stocks Action" tab in MFZone! This section provides you with comprehensive data of the stocks bought and sold by Fund houses, enhancing your ability to find in-demand high-volume stocks. Here you will get a curated list of stocks that can be sorted based on market cap for easier analysis. By clicking on any company, you can view detailed information, including the list of fund houses that have bought/sold stocks of the selected company and access historical data too. The data can be classified based on metrics such as "% of AUM", "Number of shares" and "% of company", with the "Show Fund House/AMC wise" checkbox allowing you to avoid clutter.

30th November 2023: Explore Mutual Fund Schemes Sorted by Categories

We have enhanced the Mutual Fund section by introducing a sorting feature based on categories. Now you can easily explore and compare Mutual Fund Schemes within specific categories, making it simpler to identify investment opportunities that align with your financial goals.

30th November 2023: Scheme Report Upgraded

With the upgraded Scheme Report, you can take your investment analysis to the next level. Now you get detailed analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes, including comprehensive metrics such as Ratios, Returns, Peers, Holdings, and more.

30th November 2023: Top Performing Mutual Funds

Introducing Top Performing Mutual Funds. With this addition, users can explore a carefully curated selection of top performing mutual funds that have consistently demonstrated strong returns in the past. What makes this feature even more user friendly is the introduction of categorised listings. Whether you are interested in small, mid, flexi or other, finding the right fund has never been more intuitive.

4th November 2023: Explore Schemes

Now, you can easily explore various Mutual Funds categorised based on different fund categories. Whether you are looking for Equity Funds, Debt Funds or Hybrid Funds, the Explore Schemes feature provides a quick and easy way to find and evaluate Mutual Funds.

4th November 2023: Ongoing NFO

We have simplified the process of investing in NFOs with the introduction of the Ongoing NFO tab. You can now apply for NFOs directly from MF Zone, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. Stay updated on the latest investment opportunities and seamlessly participate in ongoing NFOs to diversify your investment portfolio.

17th June 2023: Buy and Redeem Mutual Funds

With the latest update you can buy and redeem Mutual Funds directly from MF Zone. Whether you prefer SIPs or lumpsum investments, the platform now allows you to manage your Mutual Fund transactions effortlessly.

15th May 2023: List of the key features of MFZone

  • Comprehensive Scheme Analysis: Dive deep into detailed analysis for all mutual fund schemes.

  • Mutual Fund Ratios: Access critical mutual fund ratios for informed investment decisions.

  • Historical NAV: Track the historical Net Asset Value of mutual fund schemes.

  • Peer Comparison: Compare your chosen scheme with peers for performance insights.

  • Asset Allocation: Gain insights into the asset allocation of different schemes.

  • Portfolio Details: Explore the holdings within mutual fund portfolios.

  • Fund Manager Details: Learn about the experienced fund managers behind the schemes.

  • Trailing Returns: Assess the performance of schemes through trailing returns data.

    With MFZone, you have all these features at your fingertips to make smarter mutual fund investment decisions.

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