A User Guide for Trading with Zone Web

Analyse market movements and execute trades seamlessly on a single platform. Customise your Zone Web by saving preferred patterns, indicators and charts for different timeframes, ensuring easy access whenever needed. Stay focused on underlying trends with noiseless charts like Point & Figure, Renko, Line Break, and Kagi. Advanced features such as breadth, relative strength, Options Straddle and Strangle charts, accompanied by unique patterns and indicators for all charting types.

Logging in

Congratulations Email
After an account is opened, a congratulations email is sent to the registered email ID with UCC. After which, you will receive another email with a link to set password (valid for 24 hours).

To login to Zone Web, follow these steps;

  • Go to zone.definedgesecurities.com
  • Enter UCC and Password.
  • Click on Sign In.
  • Enter the OTP sent via SMS and Email or enter the app code and click on Submit.
  • Funds

  • Click on your profile.
  • Then click on “Account Details”. You will be redirected to My account
  • Click on Funds. According to your needs, choose Payin, Payout, Reallocation, or History. (Funds can be transferred, withdrawn and reallocated from the Funds menu.)
  • Choose to transfer funds either to the Currency, Commodity or Equity Cash / Futures & Options segment.

  • Market Watch

    Creating Watchlist:

  • Click ‘+’ on the watchlist window; a floating window opens up.
  • Name your watchlist, click on ‘create new’ and save. Your watchlist is created.
  • Managing Watchlist:

  • Adding Scrips to watchlist
  • Order

    Order Execution
    Hover over the scrip on the watchlist and click on Buy or Sell.

    Floating order window
    To reposition the order window, just click on it and drag it wherever required

    Order Types:

  • AMO (After Market Orders):
  • AMO allows traders to place buy or sell orders for stocks even when the regular market trading hours are closed. It provides the flexibility to submit orders outside of the market's operational hours, typically before or after the market closes. These orders are then executed once the market reopens.

  • Cover Orders:
  • A cover order is a type of order that combines a market order with a stop loss order. It is designed to help traders manage risk and protect their positions. When placing a cover order, the trader specifies the desired quantity to buy or sell at the market price and sets a trigger price for the stop-loss order. If the market reaches the trigger price, the stop loss order is activated, resulting in the automatic execution of the stop loss order at the prevailing market price.

  • Slicing:
  • Active traders looking to trade Large Quantity Orders can now slice their orders into multiple small orders (also called Child Orders) with Order Slicing in Zone Web. With Order Slicing, you can divide your orders into 2 to 25 Child Orders that will be executed one after the other.

  • Disclosed Quantity:
  • Disclosed quantity refers to an order type that allows traders to reveal only a part of their actual order size while keeping the original quantity confidential. When placing an order with a disclosed quantity, a trader specifies the total size of their order and the quantity they wish to disclose to the market. The disclosed quantity is the order portion visible to other market participants in market depth.


  • Order Book: View and track all your open orders here.
  • Trade Book: Access a comprehensive record of all your executed trades here.
  • Positions: Keep track of your current positions and monitor their performance here.
  • Holdings: In the holdings section, you can view all the securities you own within the demat account with real-time value and the original buying price. This will help you analyse your profit/loss for your owned financial instruments.
  • Account Details: Here, you can view all your details. Also, you can buy subscriptions and products and check your payment history from this section.
  • News & Message: Stay updated with the latest market news and information on upcoming IPOs.
  • Top Gainers & Losers: Here you get a list of top gainers and losers for the day.
  • Charts

  • Opening Charts:
    Hover over any scrip on the watchlist and click on chart icon.
  • Changing Chart Type:
    Click on the Candle symbol to change the chart type. The chart type is candlestick by default.
  • Timeframes:
    By default, charts open on Daily timeframe. To choose your desired timeframe.
  • Layout:
    With multi-view charts, view up to 4 charts simultaneously in the same window. You can customise each window in the layout according to your needs
  • Trade directly from charts
    Place orders directly from the chart.
  • Patterns & Indicators

  • Adding Indicator:
    Click on Indicators and search for the indicators to add indicators to the chart.
  • Deleting Indicators/Patterns:
    Click on the Delete icon.
  • Auto Tools

    Avoid the burden of manually drawing tools and instead utilise our innovative feature, Auto Tools. This functionality automatically places tools on your chart, allowing you to enable or disable them effortlessly at your convenience.

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