Zone Mobile Application: Complete User Guide

Light and fast mobile trading terminal that allows users to monitor their portfolios and trade on the go. Comes with an option chain & advanced charting methods with indicators & tools.

All Zone mobile app features are Free for Definedge Securities subscribers!


  • Enter UCC and Password.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Enter the OTP sent via SMS and Email or enter the app code and click on Submit.
  • Now you will have access to your Zone Mobile terminal

    After successful login, the app will display the main Dashboard. The dashboard shows the following:

  • Indices
  • Current value of your Portfolio
  • Ledger Balance, Available Margin, Margin Used
  • Number of Pending Orders, number of Open Position and Pending GTT orders.
  • You can also view Total MTM and Today's Booked P&L.
  • Funds

    Click on three horizontal lines (Hamburger menu) at the top-left.

  • Transfer funds with "Pay In" and "Pay Out" under Fund Transfer.
  • You will be redirected to PayIn / PayOut page.
  • Market Watch

    Creating Watchlist:

  • Click on "Watchlist".
  • Click on the "+" sign to create a new watchlist.
  • Choose the "New" option to create a watchlist and name it. You can also add scrips from existing groups by selecting "Create a Copy."

  • Managing Watchlist:

  • Add instruments to your watchlist by clicking "Add Scrip". Use the "Add Scrip" option to search and add instruments.

  • Deleting Scrips From Watchlist:

  • To delete a scrip, click "Delete" beside "Add Scrip" and press "-".
  • Market Depth

  • To view market depth, click on a specific scrip.

  • Charts

    Opening Charts:

  • Click on a scrip in Market Watch.
  • Click on the "Chart Icon" to open chart.

  • Changing Chart Type:

  • Click on the Candle symbol to change the chart type.
  • Timeframes:

  • Choose "Time Frame" from the dropdown to change the timeframe.

  • Persoinalise Charts:

  • Customise chart settings by clicking the settings icon.
  • Order Execution

  • Click on any scrip in Market Watch.
  • Choose "Buy" or "Sell" and confirm order details.
  • Confirm order details by swiping the "Swipe To Buy/Sell" button.
  • Modify limit orders from the Order Book section.
  • Modify or cancel orders from the "Modify Order" or "Cancel Order" buttons.
  • Convert Positional orders to Intraday Orders if needed.
  • Reports

    Click on three horizontal lines (Hamburger menu) at the top-left.

  • Check Order Book for all your orders.
  • View executed orders of the day in Trade Book.
  • See your open positions in the Position tab in "Portfolio".
  • Click "Portfolio" to view specific scrips.
  • Use "My Account" to view personal details, buy subscriptions, and access reports.
  • Stay updated with global events and news in the News section.
  • View the available margin by clicking the three horizontal lines and selecting "Margin."
  • Saarthi

    Click on three horizontal lines (Hamburger menu) at the top-left.

    Under Sarthi you get three sections:

  • Kicker: Set reminders for your trading sessions. Avoid repeating mistakes and stay focused using personalised reminders and mantras throughout the day.
  • Lesson: Record your trading experiences, both positive and negative. Learn from each trade and become a more skilled trader.
  • Score: Score your trading sessions daily by answering six simple questions. This fosters a process-oriented approach and prevents unproductive activities.
  • Log Out

  • Click the three horizontal lines at the top-left.
  • Select the last option (besides Settings) to log out.
  • Open Demat Account