User Guide on OPSTRA Terminal for Options Trading


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Enter your Client Code/UCC received with “Congratulations” email.

Enter your password and click on "Sign in" button.

Next, enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile number and email ID.

To log out from the terminal, you need to take the cursor towards the top-right corner of the screen, hover the mouse over your UCC, and click Logout.


Under “Builder”, you can create your own option strategies in the FUT/OPTIONS tab. To create strategies, select the Expiry, Option Strike, Option Type (CE/PE), Lot Quantity, Buy/Sell, and click “Add Position” to get the Payoff chart for your created strategy.

A few pre-defined strategies are also available under the Strategy tab next to the FUT/OPTIONS tab. You can choose the strategy that suits your analysis and get the Payoff.

The third tab under “Builder” is Option Chain, which allows you to select the CE/PE of your preferred expiry and strike price, and then you can get the Payoff for your created strategy.

After getting the Payoff Chart for your strategy, click on Execute Strategy and select the order type, Market / Limit, along with Normal / Intraday. Then click on “Place order” if you want to place your orders one by one manually or click “Place all Orders at Market” to place all the selected orders at market price.


In this section you will be able to save your strategies made under Option strategy builder section.

The section also offers a view of P & L statements for several strategies. It further enables you to analyse your saved strategy with the help of payoff charts.


Under “Orders,” you can view all your Pending, Completed, Cancel/Reject and Trigger Pending orders. You can also cancel or modify your open orders from here.


To track your positions in Futures and Options, click “Positions.” This section will offer you a view of Total profit/loss along with Realized and Unrealized profit/loss.

Realised PNL offers a view of the profit or loss booked on any position.

Unrealised PNL offers a view of your current profit or loss on an open position.


Under the “Margin” tab, you can check your Total Available Margin, Opening Balance, Pay In/Pay Out amount, Exposure, Margin used and Additional Limit by RMS.


Click on the “Futures” option from the home page to conduct your analysis by viewing Futures Dashboard, Futures Open Interest, Futures Intra Day, Futures Build-up, Heatmap, Moving Averages and MWPL.

The Futures Dashboard will help you view the Top Price Gainers/Losers, Top OI Gainers/Losers, Top Long Buildup/ Short Covering/ Short Buildup/ Long Unwinding, Top Volume Buzzers, Top IV Gainers and Losers.

Futures Open Interest will help you analyse Open Interest charts of all the traded Future Contacts based on expiry or combined chart for all the three-month expiries.

Futures Intra Day feature lets you view the intra-day line chart for any future contract along with bar charts for OI.

Futures Build-up is a screener that will help identify short- to medium-term outlooks for stock and index futures based on price action and open interest.

Heatmap offers a view of sectorial performance in the market based on Market Cap Weighted or Equal Weighted.

The moving Average option helps you get bars for Exponential or Simple Moving Averages for periods 20, 50, 100 and 200 for comparison, along with 52 weeks high and 52 weeks low.

MWPL option offers you the list of securities under Ban and stocks that can undergo ban, updated every 5 minutes


The "Options" section on the home page offers features like Strategy Builder, Results Calendar, Historical Results and Options Dashboard to the primary users of Opstra Options Analytics and Trading Terminal.

The "Options" section also allows you to conduct technical analysis using advanced tools like Options Backtesting, Options Simulator, Options Algorithm, IV Charts, Volatility Surface, Strategy Charts and Volatility Skew.

You can use the Options backtesting feature under “OPTIONS” to backtest pre-defined strategies on an EOD basis. Data in this section has been available since 2016.

You can use the Options simulator feature under “OPTIONS” to backtest user-defined strategies from the options chain directly on an intraday basis with a minimum timeframe of 5 minutes.

The options algorithm feature helps shortlist various options and strategies with a combination of multiple strikes according to the view, risk bias, and directional bias we mention.

Options Dashboard offers a tabular view of all FNO Scrips for their LTP, IV and changes in those values along with IVR and IVP. It also gives a tile view, which, in turn, you can filter according to High IVP, Earnings and Liquidity.

IV Charts feature provides Daily candlestick charts on the EOD timeframe along with line charts of IV, Historical Volatility, and IV-RV spread. It has an intraday line chart as well.

Volatility Surface offers a 3D representation of IV values of OTM strikes of various Expiries in a single frame.

Strategy Charts feature enables you to create a line chart of combined LTP of multiple long and short strikes of any user-defined strategy.

Volatility Skew is a table of various tickers showing values of Volskew, its change in percentage and VS Percentile, and IV values, its change in % and its percentile.

Results Calendar

It gives a Calendar with all the scheduled Quarterly / Annual Results for the FNO Stocks.

In this section, you can search results of a particular Stock along with the declaration time for their historical results.

Historical Results

This feature provides you with the list of Historical Records for any selected Stock and the declaration time.

Open Interest

The "Open Interest" section on the home page offers analysis indicators, including Options Chain and Open Interest, to the primary users of Opstra Options Analytics and Trading Terminal. Moreover, “Open Interest” section offers advanced technical tools like Total Open Interest, Historical TOI, Put Call OI Dynamics, Open Interest Charts, PCR and Straddles allowing you conduct a thorough analysis.

The open Interest feature under this menu shows histograms for strike-wise Open Interest, Change in Open Interest, and LTPs for comparison.

Total Open Interest is a line chart that considers the OI and changes in OI of each selected Strike on a dynamic basis.

Historical TOI shows the TOI for selected expired contracts.

Put Call OI Dynamics feature offers a view of the intraday line chart for Put OI, Call OI, PE-CE and PCR for Total OI and Change in OI.

Open Interest & Greeks Charts feature offers you the analysis view of the line chart of OI and Options premiums along with the underlying futures, IV, and all the Greeks.

Multi OI charts: Here, we can see line charts of multiple strikes for individual premiums and their OI in a single chart.

Combination charts: This section shows combined line chart for Options premiums and their individual OI.

PCR feature under “Open Interest” enables you to check line chart for PCR, WPCR along with their moving averages in EOD and well as intraday timeframe

Straddles option under “Open Interest” enables you to see straddle charts for various strikes including ATM Straddle (default)

Advanced option chain offers view of various parameters like IV, OI, and Volume along with their Greek values

Options Activity shows the list of all tickers along with the strikes with max OI, its addition, and unwinding for both call and put.


To view FII/FPI and DII Trading Activity in the Cash Market, select the FII/DII option from the home page; it gives bar chart data on daily, monthly and yearly time frames.

FII/DII Derivatives

To view FII/FPI and DII Trading Activity in Derivatives, select the FII/DII Derivatives option from the home page.

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