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Discover a new level of excellence with our innovative web trading platform. Experience seamless and efficient trading & investing, empowering you to unlock your full potential.

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Unique Tools, Indicators & Patterns

Features of Zone Web Trading Terminal


Make informed decisions with real-time and EOD noiseless charts such as P&F, Renko, Line Break, Kagi, and Heikin-Ashi on Zone Web.

Straddle & Strangle

Become a smart Options trader with Options charts and Straddle / Strangle charts in various charting methods.


Stay updated on the market movement with real-time data for Equities, Futures, Options, Commodities and Currency Segments and multi-leg real-time charts in various charting methods.

Ratio Charts & RS

Enhance your web trading skills with real-time & EOD Ratio Charts along with real-time & EOD Relative Strength charts available in various charting methods.


Monitor the markets with accuracy using auto-tools like Intraday lines, intra-camarilla levels, Fibonacci levels, D-Pivot, and more for multiple charting types.

350+ Tools,
Patterns & Indicators

Predict market movement better with over 350 advanced tools, patterns and indicators, available for all charting types. You can plot unlimited tools & indicators for free.

Technical Analysis
for Mutual Funds

Zone web trading platform offers you the ease to perform a comprehensive technical analysis of Mutual Funds to choose the one that fits your requirements.

Analysis & Trading

Use our extensive technical analysis tools to analyze your trades, recognize opportunities and make smarter trading & investment decisions.

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Why Choose Zone Web Trading Terminal?

Become an intelligent web trader with Zone Web, our comprehensive web trading platform
offering unique technical analysis tools for all market segments and time frames.

All Definedge Securities Demat Account holders can access Zone Web trading terminal for free

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Innovative Trading Terminal

Enhance your web trading experience by analyzing the market movement to make informed decisions and trading on the same platform with ease.

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Customize your Zone Web

Save your preferred patterns & indicators or save charts for different timeframes and refer to them whenever you need with Zone Web Trading Platform.

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Noiseless Charts

Cut the market noise to focus on the underlying trends with noiseless charts like Point & Figure, Renko, Line Break, Kagi, and more to enhance your trading.

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Advanced Features

Use our advanced features like breadth, relative strength, Options Straddle and Strangle charts for all charting methods along with unique patterns & indicators for all charting types.

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Easy to Use

Zone Web is designed to help you monitor the market at various timeframes, plot indicators, recognize patterns, and trade all from a single web trader terminal.

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Range of Charting Methods

Monitor the market with a variety of charting methods including real-time bar, candlestick, P&F, Renko, Line-break, and more with innovative studies on each charting type.

Features of Zone Web Trading Terminal

Benefits of Zone Web Trading Terminal

Smart Analysis

With Zone Web Trading Platform, you can access a wide range of tools, patterns, and indicators for free. Analyze the market movement and recognize patterns to make better trading and investment decisions.

Your Zone Web

Zone Web trading allows you to save your preferred indicators and patterns for a number of charting types. You can also save charts for different timeframes and refer to them whenever you need to make smart trading strategies.


Cut the market noise to focus on the underlying trends with our noiseless charts. Zone Web offers a variety of distinctive charts like Point & Figure, Renko, Line Break, Kagi and more that you can use to enhance your trading.


Keep an eye on the market wherever you are with Zone Web. Its easy-to-use interface is designed to help you monitor the market at various timeframes, plot indicators, recognize patterns and trade all from a single web trader terminal.

How Zone Web Trading Works?

Zone web trading platform has been designed to cater to traders of all types with tools and features that make market analysis easy. Through a web-based terminal, the focus is to allow users to perform technical analysis an  trading anytime, anywhere. Wish to see Zone Web in action?

 Check our Zone Web User Guide.

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A web terminal or a web trading terminal is a platform that allows traders and investors to place trades, view market data, and manage their portfolios through a web browser. They are also referred to as web trading platforms. Owing to the ease of trade and flexibility that web trading terminals like Zone provide, they have become increasingly popular over the years. Web Trading Terminal is also often called an Online Trading Terminal

Zone Web Trading Terminal is an exceptional trading and analysis tool that offers a variety of features. As a trader or investor, you can make the most of these features to trade smarter. Here are a few benefits of Zone Web -

  • Noiseless Charts to avoid distractions and make better trading decisions
  • Advanced features for all charting types
  • 350+ tools, indicators, and patterns for a thorough analysis
  • A wide range of technical analysis tools with unlimited tools & indicators
  • A range of charting methods to choose from and analyze
  • Innovative studies on each charting method, and more.

Zone Web is a web-based trading terminal that allows you to trade and invest across all segments with real-time charts and various advanced tools. You can access it anywhere, on any browser as long as you have internet access. You can monitor the market, place traders, perform analysis, and manage their portfolios easily through any web browser.

To withdraw your earnings from the Zone Web Trading Terminal, choose the Account Details under the Profile Drop-down on the screen, which will guide you to MyAccount. Then choose Funds from the left-side menu and withdraw money using PayOut option. Under PayOut, put the amount you wish to withdraw and click ‘PayOut’.

You can follow the following path on your Zone Web account for ease -

Zone Web Account > Profile > Account Details > Funds > PayOut

Executing an order on Zone Web Trading terminal is extremely simple. You can check our Zone User Guide to better understand the process.

To place a buy or sell for any scrip, you need to add it to MarketWatch. Then click on ‘B’ or ‘S’ to place a Buy or Sell order for that hat scrip. Depending on whether you wish to Buy or Sell, a Buy order form or Sell order form will be opened on the right side of your screen. You can change between Buy or Sell as per your choice. You will be required to fill in the necessary details in the order form like exchange, order type, positional or intraday, quantity, and more. Once all the details are filled in, you can click on ‘Place Buy Order’ or ‘Place Sell Order’ to finish your order execution.

Yes, Zone Web is available for free if you have a demat account with Definedge Securities.

Zone Web allows you to track your portfolio right from the tool or from your Demat account Dashboard.

To view your portfolio on Zone Web, go to -

Zone Web > Reports (right hand side) > select the Holdings options.

To track your portfolio from your Dashboard, go to -

Dashboard > Reports > Holdings

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