Brokerage Calculator

What is Brokerage Calculator?

According to SEBI guidelines, a trading account with a broker is essential for trading in the Indian stock market. You often utilize stock market trading terminals created by brokers. Each trade made through the broker incurs a charge, known as brokerage, which, combined with other fees can impact the overall cost and returns of your trades. Manually calculating these charges for every trade can be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, a brokerage calculator comes to the rescue.

A brokerage calculator is a free online tool which allows you to determine the exact brokerage amount based on your trade volume and other parameters, making the process fast and efficient.

With Definedge Securities’ brokerage calculator, you gain transparency on all applicable charges for each trade, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize profits. Whether you’re trading in different segments or types, our stock brokerage calculator provides accurate brokerage calculations along with other charges like GST, STT, SEBI charges, stamp duty and transaction charges.

Based on your type and segment of trade, you can choose from the following brokerage calculators –

For Equity segment –

  • Intraday equity calculator

  • Delivery equity calculator

  • Futures calculator

  • Options calculator

For Currency and Commodities segment –

  • Futures calculator

  • Options Calculator

To calculate brokerage, simply choose the right brokerage calculator as per your trade, select the stock exchange, and add the buy and sell prices along with the order quantity. That’s it! The calculator will instantly provide the precise charges applicable to your trade.

It is simple, easy and hassle-free.

Why Should You Use a Brokerage Calculator?

A brokerage calculator is an essential trader for traders of all kinds. Whether you trade in the equity, commodities, or currency segment, it is important to understand the cost you will incur so you can plan your trades better. But the benefits of a brokerage calculator go beyond this.

  • Calculate total cost
    A stock brokerage calculator helps you easily calculate turnover and all the costs applicable to your trades including brokerage, STT, GST, SEBI charges, transaction charges and more.

  • Get accurate results in seconds
    Once you add the details of your trade, the brokerage calculator gives you accurate results in seconds. So, you can take smart trading decisions, every time.

  • Ensures transparency
    You get clarity as to how much you have to pay for your trade and what you can expect out of that particular trade in any segment.

  • Calculate Breakeven
    The brokerage calculator gives you accurate breakeven points for your trade. This way you can optimize your trade for better results.

  • Find optimal trade quantity
    Based on your trade, you can check various scenarios and adjust your quantity to maximize the profit from your trade.

What Factors Does Your Brokerage Depend On?

Your brokerage for every trade is calculated based on a number of factors, each of which plays a significant part in it. Majorly, your brokerage depends on the following factors –

  • Type of trade

  • Trading segment

  • Asset Price

  • Order Quantity

  • Type of Broker

At Definedge Securities, we charge you no brokerage for equity delivery and just 0.03% or ₹18/- per trade (whichever is lower) for equity intraday and futures orders in all segments – equity, commodity and currency. For options orders, you are charged just ₹18/- per order across all three segments.

To know more about the brokerage and other applicable charges on the trade with Definedge Securities, you can check our brokerage plan.


Q1. How to use the Definedge Securities' brokerage calculator?

To use our Brokerage Calculator, you need to add details of your trade, such as the buy price, sell price and quantity of shares. The calculator will calculate the total turnover, applicable brokerage, Securities Transaction Tax (STT), Transaction Charges, Goods and Services Tax (GST), SEBI charges, Points to breakeven and Stamp Duty.

Q2. How is brokerage calculated?

Definedge Securities offers brokerage on a per trade basis. You can easily calculate your brokerage for any type of trade or segment with our brokerage charges calculator. To check our applicable brokerage prices, visit the brokerage plan page.

Q3. What is intraday brokerage?

Intraday Brokerage refers to the brokerage applicable on your intraday trades. For intraday trades, the applicable brokerage is levied on both buying and selling. To calculate intraday brokerage for your trades with Definedge Securities, you can use our intraday brokerage calculator.

Q4. How is intraday brokerage calculated?

Intraday brokerage is generally charged per order for both buying and selling.

At Definedge Securities, we apply a 0.03% or ₹ 18 per executed order (whichever is lower) on all intraday trades. You can calculate your intraday brokerage by adding your order details to our intraday brokerage calculator.

Q5. What are Securities Transaction Tax (STT) charges?

Securities Transaction Tax or STT is a charge applicable on the buying and selling of securities in the Indian stock market. It is applicable as per government policies. To calculate the STT applicable on a certain trade, simply fill in our brokerage calculator and it will show the applicable STT along with all the other charges.

Q6. How is futures brokerage calculated?

At Definedge Securities, applicable brokerage for futures trades for all segments is 0.03% or ₹18/- per order, whichever is lower. To calculate futures brokerage for any order, you can use our brokerage calculator.

Q7. How to calculate broker commission?

The fees levied on your trades for using the platform and services of a broker is called brokerage. Brokerage depends on a number of factors and is often levied as a flat per order charge or a percentage brokerage charge. Definedge Securities offers brokerage on a per trade basis. You can easily calculate your brokerage for any type of trade or segment with our brokerage charges calculator. To check our applicable brokerage prices, visit the brokerage plan page.

Q8. What is CTT or Commodity Transaction Tax?

The commodity transaction tax or CTT is a tax levied by the government of India on the sellers of commodity derivatives (futures & options) on non-agricultural commodities. CTT can vary and depends on the actual size of the contract.

Q9. What is SEBI Charge?

SEBI levies a small charge to the brokers for regulating the stock market. These charges are 0.0001 per cent (₹10 per crore) for the buying and selling of securities, except debt securities and 0.000025 per cent (₹2.5 per crore) on buying and selling of debt securities.

Q10. What is a Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is a tax levied by the government of India on transaction of securities in the Indian stock market. Stamp duty varies as per the market segment and trade type and is applicable as per the charges defined by the government of India.

Q11. What is an Exchange Transaction Charge?

Stock exchanges levy a charge on its users for trading on the exchange. This charge depends on the type & segment of the order.

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