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Trading Account Processing Charges
Account Opening : ₹ 180/- *** NOTE:- After account opening, 180 points (charges for account opening) get added to your wallet, and these are setoff against brokerage, effectively, making account opening free ***
Segment Rate
Equity Delivery Free
Equity Intraday 0.03% or ₹ 18 per executed order whichever is lower
Equity Futures 0.03% or ₹ 18 per executed order whichever is lower
Equity Options ₹ 18 per executed order
Currency Futures 0.03% or ₹ 18 per executed order whichever is lower
Currency Options ₹ 18 per executed order
Commodity Futures 0.03% or ₹ 18 per executed order whichever is lower
Commodity Options ₹ 18 per executed order
Auction Charges As per Definedge Securities Auction process criteria
Other Charges
Services Charges
Margin Pledge/Closure/Invocation ₹ 18
SLB Charges ₹ 36 + CDSL/NSDL Charges
Margin Repledged/Release of Margin Repledged ₹ 2 + CDSL Charges
DEMAT - Per Certificate ₹ 18 + courier charges
REMAT - Per Certificate OR Per 100 Units/shares (Whichever is higher) ₹ 18
Conversion of MF units/ Destatementisation Per SOA ₹ 18 + courier charges
Reconversion of MF units to SOA or Redemption/Restatementisation Per SOA ₹ 18
Courier charges per request shall be charged separately ₹ 100
Rejection/Failure Entry-DRF/Instruction slip per entry ₹ 54
Pledge creation/Invocation ₹ 36
Pledge closure ₹ 36
Depository Charges
DP Annual Maintenance Charges (DP AMC) ₹ 300/- Per Annum
Credit charges NIL
Debit charges ₹ 18 per transaction per scrip

Note: DP AMC would be charged once a year in the fourth month after the opening of the account. There will be no AMC charges for the first three months.

Physical Transaction Statement
By email Free
By physical ₹ 5/- per page + ₹ 100/- courier charges
First Delivery Instructions Booklet (5 Leaves) Free
Every Additional Booklet (5 Leaves) ₹ 54
Modification in CML ₹ 18 per request
KRA upload and download ₹ 36
Cheque Bounce Charges ₹ 360
Transaction Charges (Off market transfer)
Off market transfer ₹ 18
Clearing Charges : NSE CD / MCX COMM
Future trade Quantity * trade price ₹ 35 per crore
Option charges Quantity * premium price ₹ 600 per crore
Delivery charges Quantity * trade price ₹ 1000 per crore
Charges : NRI
Account opening ₹ 180
AMC ₹ 500
Futures & Options brokerage ₹ 35 per order
Equity Cash segment - brokerage 0.25% (Minimum 5 Paisa per Share) for Delivery. (Note: NRI cannot do Intraday in cash, but in a scenario where he sells existing stock and buys the same stock for Delivery, then he should get charged 0.50% brokerage)
Disclaimer : For Delivery based trades, a minimum of Rs. 0.01 will be charged per order. Clients who opt to receive physical contract notes will be charged ₹ 5/- per page + ₹ 100/- courier charges. A brokerage of 0.5% of the contract value will be charged for contracts where physical delivery happens.
  • Inter-settlement/CUSA to pool /Collateral to pool and MTF to pool transfer would be charged at ₹ 18 per transaction per scrip (excluding GST and
    applicable taxes). The charges would be debited to the trading ledger on a weekly basis.
  • In case you are using our Call Center to execute trades, then you will be charged ₹ 54 per order.
  • Value of the transaction will be in accordance with rates provided by Depository.
  • Statutory and other levies being charges related to the execution and/or settlement of transactions shall be separately chargeable as in force from time to time.
  • Brokerage is also applicable in case of expiry of futures and exercise/assignment of option contracts @ ₹ 36/- per trade.
  • Charges of ₹ 36/- per order will be charged for positions auto squared off by DSBPL.
  • Charges of ₹ 11 for availing of E-Sign facilities shall be paid by the customer.
  • Payment gateway charges upto ₹ 12/- + GST transaction shall be payable by the customer, as the same will be charged by payment gateway vendor to DSBPL.
  • Demat charges shall be applicable for MF transactions. Processing of Direct Mutual fund transactions will be charged at ₹ 18 exclusive of GST.
  • Charges quoted above are for the services listed and any services availed other than the ones listed above will be charged separately.
  • Charges/Service standards are subject to revision at sole discretion of Definedge Securities Broking Private Limited after due intimation to the customer over E-mail/SMS/ such other notification as may be. Management also reserves the discretion to partly/fully waive any charges and the right to freeze, discontinue or suspend any account, if required.
  1. DP AMC will be charged Rs.1000 per annum for corporate account.
  2. Interest @ 0.05% per day will be charged on the debit balance/insufficient funds in ledger account.
  3. Penalties Charged by Exchanges/SEBI/Any Regulatory Authorities ONLY if it is due to Clients Defaults/Errors/Violations if any.
  4. The stock broker shall not charge brokerage more than maximum brokerage permissible as per the rules, regulation and By-laws of the relevant exchange and/or rules and regulation of SEBI.
  5. Interest @ 13% p.a will be charged on the outstanding bill amount if not paid within the due date for DP debits.
  6. The above tariff is subject to change. Changes if any, will be intimated 30 days in advance.

The above charges are exclusive of GST, Securities Transaction Tax, other charges and stamp duty, if applicable and the same shall be charged to
the Client’s account on actual basis.
GST charges applicable as per government regulations.

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