Saarthi: A Book for all type of traders

Saarthi - A tool that makes you your own Trading Guide and Mentor

Saarthi is a Hindi word that means “charioteer” in English. It refers to a person who guides or drives a chariot. Also, it refers to a person who provides guidance on the battlefield. The term can also refer to a person who guides or leads someone on a journey of self-discovery.

In the Mahabharata, Krishna served as Arjun’s saarthi during the battle of Kurukshetra. He guided him on the battlefield and kept him on the right path.

People play these roles at different levels throughout their lives. Sometimes they guide others and at other times they learn from them.

The market is no different from the battlefield.

Saarthi is a concept that enables you to become your own source of guidance. You will become a better trader as a result of your lessons and experiences.

Be Krishna and do not let yourself wander. Be Arjuna by becoming a disciple with an unwavering focus!

How does it work?

In the Definedge Securities Zone mobile app, you have a Saarthi tab in the main menu option. It is divided into three parts: Kicker, Lesson, and What’s Up.

These concepts are based on three significant parts of the book You, Me, and Trading, which can be found in the shelf section of the Definedge Securities website. The book is very relevant for all types of traders, and we strongly recommend that you refer to it.


Thanks to social media, every trader has access to knowledge today. However, they tend to lose focus and make the same mistakes over and over again. There is a need for reminders.

As you begin your trading day, you may need some kind of reminder or mantra that will enable you to remain focused. It is possible that you will need such reminders during the course of the day as well.

The Kicker section allows you to write as many reminders as you wish and save them. A reminder will be sent to you at that time.

This is explained in detail in this part of the book.


Write about what you learned from the session. There may be positive things or there may be adverse experiences. Each of them teaches us something and prepares us for the future. We often forget these lessons and repeat the same mistakes. Keeping them in a place will enable you to collect your experiences.

Definedge will surprise you here. By collecting these experiences here, you will become your own Saarthi.

Saarthi Score

There are six questions you need to answer every day after market hours. Based on your answers, a score will be assigned to you.

The purpose of the course is to prepare you to become a systematic and process-oriented trader who does not engage in random and baseless trading activities.

Filling out this report on a daily basis will be rewarded. No matter what score a person achieves, we will issue a certificate to those who do it for 30 days without fail.

Saarthi notifications will also come from the Definedge team, if you wish to receive them.

You should strive to achieve a score of 100 on a regular basis. A score of 80 or higher indicates that you are on the right track. Read the comments associated with the score carefully.

Ideally, we would like our traders to achieve a score of 100 on a regular basis and achieve consistent success. While scoring, the focus is not on profit, but on the process. When the focus is on the right things, success will eventually follow.

It is also important to note that scoring daily doesn’t mean trading daily. If you are a positional trader and you follow a process, you can still score yourself on a daily basis. Not trading is also part of the trading process.

Saarthi is an attempt to share our experience and assist people in staying on the right path, avoiding detours, and remaining focused.

Moreover, it is a way of informing people that process and systematic trading cannot be substituted for success.

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