New Feature Releases in OPSTRA

18th April 2024: Addition in Strategy Builder

In our latest update we have added precious metals in the Strategy Builder. Now, you can build and execute your strategies for GOLD, GOLDM, SILVER and SILVERM using Opstra.

26th March 2024: Multi-TOI

Introducing Multi-TOI, a powerful new feature now available in Opstra under the "Open Interest" menu. With Multi-TOI, you can add up to three TOI lines in a single chart, providing enhanced analytical capabilities. To utilise this feature, simply select the ATM strike and the desired Strike Width. Multi-TOI will then generate TOI data for the selected ATM strike, along with strikes above and below it based on the specified width. This feature enables you to analyse TOI movement not only for the ATM strike but also for OTM and ITM strikes. By doing so, you can identify key Support and Resistance levels for the underlying.

To learn more, please watch this video.

26th March 2024: Multi-Ticker TOI

Another exciting addition is Multi-Ticker TOI, which allows you to plot TOI data for two tickers simultaneously within a single chart. This feature enhances comparative analysis and helps in understanding the Relative Strength between the selected tickers. You can choose the desired tickers, select the respective expiry and ATM strikes to generate TOI data for both tickers on a unified chart.

To learn more, please watch this video.

26th March 2024: TRIVIDH

Introducing TRIVIDH, an advanced feature available in Opstra (in Open Interest menu). TRIVIDH provides users with insights into potential trading opportunities based on three different timeframes: 30 minutes, 60 minutes and Daily. Firstly, TRIVIDH identifies stocks that qualify for Unusual Volume in Stock Futures within the selected timeframe. It then presents users with the option strikes that meet the criteria for Unusual Options Activity (UOA) corresponding to the identified underlying stocks. Additionally, TRIVIDH offers Adaptive RSI qualification for the ATM strike of the underlying, providing further validation for potential trading strategies.

To understand TRIVIDH better, please refer to this video.

7th February 2024: Filters available in Options Dashboard

A table filter as well as a column filter for almost all columns is available in Options Dashboard.

Table filter can be used to enable/disable certain columns. Users can use column filter in one or more columns using "❯" and "❮" symbols for numeric values. This feature allows user to filter results based on their preferences.

7th February 2024: Watchlist Now Available

A universal watchlist named "OPSTRA WATCHLIST" is introduced, accessible across all terminals for seamless monitoring of derivative symbols. The Watchlist exclusively displays derivatives symbols. Users can conveniently place orders directly from the Watchlist, with options to specify the "Number of lots" and "Buy/Sell" selection.

15th January 2024: Date Slider in Unusual Options Activity

A slider is now available at the top of the Unusual Options Activity section. Users can change the date range up to the last 10 trading days, including the current day. This feature allows users to retrieve the UOA list for a specific date.

15th January 2024: 20 EMA in TOI

TOI now includes an option to display the 20 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). By default, it is disabled on the chart and can be enabled by clicking on "20 EMA TOI" below the chart. The inclusion of 20 EMA provides additional insights into the market trends.

15th January 2024: Major Updates in Options Simulator

  • 1. Pre-Defined Strategies: Similar to the Strategy Builder, the Options Simulator now includes pre-defined strategies. This update streamlines the simulation process by offering commonly used strategies for quick strategy creation.
  • 2. Auto-Play Functionality: Users can now leverage the auto-play feature in the Options Simulator. Select the timeframe and speed at which the created simulation will auto-play.
  • 3. Simulation Recording:

    Introduction of simulation recording allows users to save their performed simulations. A "Record Simulation" button is available at the top, below the Payoff date. Users can save and later review these simulations, enhancing analysis and learning opportunities.

  • 15th January 2024: SENSEX Integration

    You can now create and analyse your Futures and Options strategies for SENSEX using Payoff charts in Opstra Strategy Builder.

    16 Oct 2023: "Partial Exit" button for multiple lots

    If you have multiple lots for a single position and want to exit partial number of lots instead of complete quantity, you can now do it from "Analyse Trade" section of Portfolio. You will find "Exit Position" button, which will allow you to put Exit price and the number of lots you want to exit and you will get a different entry for your exited position and open position for the same option.

    05 Oct 2023: Significant Buildups in Futures Buildup and Futures Dashboard

    In Futures Buildup, you can now see the Tickers having Significant Long Buildups, Short Buildups, Short Coverings and Long Unwindings in Short Term as well as medium term outlook. It is different from the Standard Buildups as it has a criteria of minimum 1% Price change, 2% OI change and a positive Volume change with respect to last trading session for short term outlook and 2% Price Change, 5% OI Change and a positive Volume change with respect to last week for medium term outlook.

    30 Aug 2023: Unusual Options Activity Feature

    A new feature, Unusual Options Activity, is introduced which scans all the Options of Stocks as well as Indices and gives you a list of the ones where Volume activity is very high compared to OI, indicating volume spike in those options. It gives you a table with details like Option LTP, IV, Volume, Open Interest, Volume-OI Ratio along with the time when the ratio crossed over 5. Clicking on ticker name gives you line charts for its Price, Volume, OI, Volume-OI Ratio and underlying Futures.

    07 Aug 2023: Revamped Straddles Chart

    The Chart size is now bigger, combining its Price & OI data and is focused on ATM Straddle by default, you can also select ITM or OTM Straddle from the selection buttons above the chart for various timeframe available.

    07 Aug 2023: Shorter timeframe in Options Simulator for Indices

    1-minute timeframe is now available for the historical data available in Options Simulator for NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY, to allow simulation on even lesser timeframe for the provided data range.

    07 Aug 2023: Introducing CRUDEOIL, NATURALGAS and USDINR in Options Simulator

    CRUDEOIL, NATURALGAS and USDINR are now available in Options Simulator at the minimum timeframe of 5-minutes, allowing you to simulate you strategies for the data available since June-2022.

    31 July 2023: Historical Charts Feature

    A new feature, Historical Charts, is introduced which allows you to plot charts for Historical/Expired Options Charts for the data available since Jan-2019. You can plot Single Option Chart as well as a Strategy Chart, with upto 6 legs.

    31 July 2023: Time Slider in Open Interest

    A time slider is added in Open Interest feature, using which you can select a historical time-point, upto a certain extent, and get OI Bar charts for that time. Clicking on any Bar in the chart opens up line charts with Price as well as OI for Call Option and Put Option along with the Strike PCR.

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