Mega Bullish Engulfing


If second body of the Engulfing pattern engulfs more than one body of the candle, it is a strong bullish reversal pattern. Let’s call it as Mega Bullish Engulfing pattern.

It shows that price is engulfing previous multiple sessions, hence there was a pause of consolidation after the downtrend followed by a strong bullish price action. It suggests a strong reversal.

If the single candlestick patterns like Hammer, Doji or Star etc. are part the candles being engulfed, the pattern becomes stronger. If there are more lower shadows in the candles being Engulfed, the chances of strong bottom in place are high.

Mega Bullish Engulfing pattern is a strong and reliable bullish reversal pattern.

You will find the Bullish Engulfing & Mega Bullish Engulfing pattern in the scanner as well as system designer section of Definedge software.

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This pattern can be plotted on the chart by adding it from the study menu in TradePoint & RZone. The pattern is also available in the system builder section. By combining this pattern with other patterns and indicators, you can create your own trading strategies. For any group of stocks and market segments, you can scan and backtest stocks based on those strategies.

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