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What is OPSTRA?

OPSTRA is India’s most popular options analytics platform that allows you to analyze and trade in options from the same platform. To know more about the features of OPSTRA, click here.

How can I signup for OPSTRA?

To access OPSTRA on Definedge Securities, all you need is a Demat account with us. With the demat account, you will get access to our extensive trading universe with tools like OPSTRA, Zone, TradePoint, and more. To open a demat account, click here.

How can I login to OPSTRA?

To login to OPSTRA, click here and login using your UCC, password and OTP.

You can also access OPSTRA from your MyAccount dashboard

What are the trading charges for OPSTRA?

When you trade with any Definedge Seccurities trading terminal, there is no charge for delivery, for derivatives & intraday, the charges are ₹18 per delivery. To know more about our brokerage plans & trading charges, click here.

How to use OPSTRA?

OPSTRA is a unique options analytics tool that can be used analyze & execute options trades. It is a comprehensive tool that offers an extensive range of features. To understand how you can use OPSTRA and make the most of it’s features, check our User Guide.

What are the key features of OPSTRA?

OPSTRA offers a variety of features including – Strategy Builder, futures and options dashboards, option chain analysis, open interest, PCR, IV charts, and more. To know all the features of OPSTRA, click here.

What are the features of OPSTRA PRO?

The PRO version of OPSTRA takes options analysis a step further with additional features that ease analysis & trading. You get features like Options Backtesting & simulator, straddles, intraday charts, total open interest, volatility skew & surface, strategy charts & more. To know more OPSTRA PRO features, click here.

How to subscribe for OPSTRA PRO?

To subscribe to OPSTRA PRO, you can visit our Products Plan page by clicking here.

You can also subscribe from your MyAccount dashboard

Can I get a free trial for OPSTRA PRO?

When you open a Demat account with Definedge Securities, you get a chance to avail a one-month free trial for all our PRO products (including OPSTRA PRO). You can activate this subscription at any point from your MyAccount Dashboard by clicking on the “START MY FREE MONTH TRIAL” option on the left side menu.
To activate your one-month free trial, click here.

What is the OPSTRA strategy builder?

With OPSTRA, you get access to a strategy builder, where you can create strategies for Futures or Options. You can also select from a few pre-defined strategies provided in the tool. After creating a strategy, you can execute them or save your strategies in your portfolio. To know how to use Strategy builder, click here.

What is paper portfolio on OPSTRA?

Paper Portfolio is a crucial feature of OPSTRA that allows you to perform virtual trading by creating strategies. It shows you the PayOff charts with P&L for your strategies, allowing you to better access risk and make better trading decisions.

How to place orders on OPSTRA?

OPSTRA allows you to analyze, backtest, and trade your options & futures strategies, all from the same platform. To place orders on OPSTRA, simply create your strategy on the strategy builder and place order. To better understand how this works, click here.

How can I manage options positions and orders on OPSTRA?

With OPSTRA, you can manage your existing positions and orders under the Positions tab of the tool or click here

Which segments can I trade in with OPSTRA?

With OPSTRA, you can trade in F&O, currency, and commodities segments with real-time price updates. To activate the Derivatives segment, you need to activate them.

To trade in OPSTRA, click here and log in using your credentials

How to view Margin on OPSTRA?

Based on your Fund-allocation, you can check the segment-wise segregation of your available Margin under the Margin tab of OPSTRA. To check it now, click here.

What is Futures Dashboard in OPSTRA?

OPSTRA Futures Dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of the market by displaying the Top Price Gainers/Losers, Top OI Gainers/Losers, Top Long Buildup/ Short Covering/ Short Buildup/ Long Unwinding, Top Volume Buzzers, Top IV Gainers and Losers. You can view them in graph or Heatmap. To view the Futures Dashboard, click here.

How to perform Options Backtesting?

Options Backtesting is a significant feature offered in OPSTRA PRO which you can use to backtest pre-defined strategies on EOD basis. To backtest options strategies, you need to select criteria like your ticker, strategy, backtest period, backtesting method, entry & exit criteria, Stop Loss, Profit Target & IVP Filters, etc. and run backtest. To better understand this, check our user guide by clicking here.

What is the Options Simulator?

Options Simulator is a significant feature of OPSTRA that allows you to simulate user-defined strategies on an intraday basis with a minimum timeframe of 5 minutes. You can access it under the Options tab on OPSTRA.

Can I get OPSTRA PRO for free?

With a Definedge Securities Demat account, you get a one-month free trial of OPSTRA PRO, which can be activated only once. After that, you will have to purchase a subscription for OPSTRA PRO. The amount you pay for the subscription will be added as wallet points to your account and you can use it against your brokerage.

To open a Demat account, click here.

To buy your OPSTRA PRO subscription, click here.

How to save strategies on OPSTRA?

An exceptional feature of OPSTRA is that you can select from pre-defined strategies, edit them or create your own strategies using the Strategy Builder. You can then save your strategies under Custom Portfolio to access them later. You can view your saved strategies under the Portfolio tab.

Does OPSTRA provide real-time market data?

Yes, with OPSTRA, you get real-time market updates for data along all the F&O, currency & commodities segments.

To know more, click here.

Does OPSTRA offer options chain analysis?

Yes, by selecting Option Chain under the Open Interest drop-down you can access various parameters like IV, OI, and Volume along with their Greek values. 

Can I track implied volatility using OPSTRA?

OPSTRA allows you to track Implied Volatility with EOD & Intraday IV charts for free. You can find IV Charts from the Options tab drop-down menu.

Can beginners use OPSTRA?

OPSTRA is an exceptional options analysis & trading tool in the Definedge Securities trading universe. It offers an extensive range of features fit for everyone from novice traders to professionals. You can build, backtest & execute strategies, perform virtual trading, option chain analysis and much more. To know all that OPSTRA offers, click here.

Are there any available strategies on OPSTRA?

Yes, OPSTRA offers various pre-defined strategies in the system like straddle, strangle, iron fly, iron candor, spread, and jade lizard. You can choose from these strategies, check their payoff charts and execute them. You can also modify them and save them in your custom portfolio.

To find pre-defined strategies, check under the Strategies tab in the Strategy Builder on OPSTRA.

Can I track options open interest on OPSTRA?

You can track open interest for all strike prices and also view OI builder under the Open Interest Tab. This feature is available with the free subscription of OPSTRA. If you have OPSTRA PRO, you can also view OI for selective strike prices with OI Charts, view Multi OI charts, TOI and Historical TOI too.

To get OPSTRA PRO, click here.

Can OPSTRA help me analyze options Greeks?

You can analyze Options Greeks for any strike price through the ‘Open Interest Charts’ option in the ‘Open Interest’ drop-down menu. However, this feature is only available for OPSTRA PRO. 

To get OPSTRA PRO, click here.

Can I analyze volatility skew using OPSTRA?

Volatility Skew is a significant feature in OPSTRA PRO that allows you to analyze values of Volskew, their percentage change, VS percentile, price change in percentage and more.

To get OPSTRA PRO, click here.

How can I create custom strategies on OPSTRA?

OPSTRA Strategy Builder allows you to create your own trading strategies. You can choose from the pre-defined strategies available, customize the pre-defined strategies, or create your own strategies from scratch using the Strategy Builder.

To learn how to create strategies on OPSTRA, check our user guide by clicking here.

Is it possible to trade with OPSTRA?

With OPSTRA, you can trade directly in the F&O, currency & commodities segment. You can not only analyze strategies in futures & options, but also trade them directly from the same platform. 

Do I need to open a separate account to access OPSTRA terminal?

No. You can log in to OPSTRA analytics and trading terminal with the login details of your Definedge Demat and Trading account.

How do I track my Options positions on Opstra?

Login to OPSTRA Terminal, click on “Positions” tab on Menu bar and you can see your Options positions there.

What are the features in OPSTRA analytics and trading terminal which I can access for free?

All the basic features like order placement for derivative segment, FII/DII cash & derivatives Market and others are available with the basic version of OPSTRA analytics and Trading Terminal. For further details click here.

Is backtesting free on OPSTRA analytics and trading terminal?

No, backtesting feature comes with the Pro version of OPSTRA Analytics and Trading terminal. For further details click here.

To learn how to trade using OPSTRA, check our user guide.

To access OPSTRA, click here.

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