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There are very interesting features available in the Definedge Securities trading universe

Definedge tools and education can help you become a sensible trader.

Market regime analysis is extremely important for short-term, positional, intraday, options trading or positional investing. Gain a 360-degree market perspective with our exceptional tools.

A universe of products created by experts

Each product in the Definedge Securities trading universe is created by seasoned traders and industry experts, offering an efficient trading and investing experience. 

Definedge Securities Universe


Platforms for online education like Shelf, Library, and Insight. Regular webinars & interactive sessions.


Technical analysis

All charts in real time with unlimited tools & indicators. Free straddles, strangles, RS & noiseless charts


Technical Scanners & Backtesting

RZone & TradePoint: Pre-built & custom scanners for all types charts, relative strength & breadth.


Option strategies

Opstra - Trade directly from Opstra in F&O, MCX, CDS


Fundamental analysis

Radar platform for Fundamental analysis of listed companies in NSE & BSE


Fundamental scanners

Pre-built & custom scanners designed based on Fundamental metrics


Funda-techno scanners

Using Radar & RZone together lets you run fundamental and technical scanners on the same stocks


Unique Alerts

BUZZAR platform for price, indicators & strategy alerts on all charting methods

Analyze, Trade & Invest

Besides trading and analysis terminals, our product portfolio extends to offer products for complete funda-techno analysis, mutual fund analysis, and much more.

TradePoint Desktop is an all-in-one trading terminal that offers an extensive range of charting tools to enhance your trading experience.

Apart from traditional charts and indicators, there are innovative features such as noiseless charts, relative strength chart, straddle chart, strangle charts, PCR and snake charts that can help you make informed decisions.

It offers all types of charting methods with unlimited tools and indicators along with a wide range of tools for NSE, F&O, BSE, MCX & Currency segments on all timeframes.

OPSTRA is India’s most popular Options Analysis Platform and trading terminal that allows you to analyze and trade in F&O, Currency and Commodities segments with real-time price updates.

OPSTRA offers many unique features for building and analyzing options strategies such as options backtesting, simulator, and volatility skew to take your trading to the next level.

You can perform complete options analysis and trade smarter with OPSTRA.

Zone Web is a comprehensive web-based trading terminal.

Apart from the traditional charts and indicators, it offers features such as noiseless charts, relative strength, straddle, strangle charts and much more. You can access real-time charts along with a bunch of tools designed to simplify your trading and investing journey.

It offers all types of charting methods with unlimited tools and indicators. It also offers a wide range of tools for NSE, F&O, BSE, MCX, & Currency segments on all timeframes.

Zone Mobile makes trading on the go easy and hassle-free. It offers a one-stop solution for all your trading and investment needs across stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currencies and more.

You can analyze stocks, apply patterns and indicators and trade with a few clicks. You also get access to features like options chain, stocks and mutual funds SIP, Multi-asset watchlists and more. All types of charts including noiseless charts with unique tools and indicators are available on the app.

Zone Mobile application has a unique scanner section. It provides various types of scanners for technical chart patterns, indicators, popular strategies, breadth, relative strength, sector analysis, market regime analysis and very useful scanners for fundamental analysis.
Become your own trading guide and enhance your skills every day with the Saarthi feature.


Radar is our comprehensive fundamental analysis terminal.

It offers a range of scanners, 30+ fundamental analysis ratios, performance records, peer comparison, sector analysis, and more. You can choose from pre-defined or public scanners or create your own custom scanners for a thorough analysis.

Radar and RZone have been integrated to offer a complete funda-techno analysis for any group of stocks. Groups saved on Radar are also available on RZone for technical analysis.


MFZone is our complete mutual fund analysis and investment platform.

It allows you to perform comprehensive analysis with features like historical NAV, peer comparison, mutual fund ratio analysis, fund manager and portfolio details, SIP investment, asset allocation data and more.

You can choose from a wide range of mutual fund schemes offered by all the asset management companies in the country.


Buzzar is a one-of-a-kind trading alerts system.

You can create alerts based on price, volume, or any strategy in any charting method. Buzzar alerts can be set for a group of stocks in the NSE, NSE F&O, BSE, MCX & Currency segments. With Buzzar, you can set alerts for up to 300 stocks at once and choose to receive your alerts via Email, SMS, Zone app notification or all three.

You can easily set alerts on Buzzar for Free!

Smart Trading Begins with Learning

Education lies at the core of our ideology. We firmly believe that continuous learning is the key to trading success. This is why we offer free resources in our trading universe to promote consistent learning.


Shelf is a free education initiative designed for traders and investors to learn anytime, anywhere.

Shelf offers free books on trading, covering everything from the basics to a variety of subjects, trading and investment methods, and more. You can find specific books on various charting types, offering a treasure trove of knowledge.

Shelf is a knowledge sharing initiative in a structured format, starting with the basics. You can find books in English, Hindi, and Gujrati on Shelf.


Insight is our free online educational video platform.

You can access a wide range of videos created by experienced traders for different charting types, options, trading techniques, product features, market analysis methods, webinar recordings and more for free. You can also access our weekly newsletters on Insight.

Our team of experienced traders and investors regularly uploads video courses to the platform on various trading and investment topics.

  Library of Patterns & indicators

Our online library of patterns and indicators for all charting types.

Discover new patterns and indicators for every charting type, their significance and use to enhance your trading and investment skills. Learn how to use these patterns and indicators to analysis using our analysis and trading terminals with ease.


Forum is our thriving community of smart traders and investors.

Forum fosters mutual learning via interactions, giving traders a chance to converse and learn, interact with our seasoned traders and grow their skills. Forum is our online community, where you can share your opinions, become a part of conversations, or get your queries resolved by your fellow traders or experts.

You can join Forum for free and become a part of a growing trading community.

Advanced Products for Professional Traders

Packed with unique features, our PRO products help ease advanced analysis.

You get a one-month free trial for all our PRO products with your Definedge Securities demat account.

Our Premium Products

TradePoint Pro

Enhance your trading and analysis with features like auto-trade engine, system builder, seasonality index and scanner, matrix, and more.


Upgrade your options trading with features like options backtesting, simulator, TOI, intraday charts, volatility skew and more.


Scan, backtest, and build strategies on all types of charting methods with RZone, your ideal tool for technical analysis and backtesting.


Backtest Intraday and positional options strategies, backtest analysis with equity curve and option strategy simulation and more with OPTEST.
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The validity of your wallet points is the same as the validity of the subscription you bought and the validity of wallet points for online demat account opening is 1 year.

All the tools mentioned above are completely FREE if you open an account with Definedge Securities.

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