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What would be the brokerage charged to me per order?

For details related to brokerage, please visit here.

What is the settlement period for trades?

The settlement period for a trade is T+1 days.

Can I trade in far OTM options?

Yes, you are allowed to trade in OTM Options. 

Please Note: 30% range on both sides from the current level of the index is allowed for trading.

What is the square off timing for intraday?

In intraday trading, each open position will be squared off by 3:15 PM and you will not be allowed to place any intraday orders post 3:12 PM.

Do you have the basket order facility in your trading terminal?

All trading terminals support basket order facility

What is the DP AMC charges for individual demat accounts, corporate accounts, and NRIs?

a) Individual Demat account (Indian Residents)

DP Annual Maintenance Charges (DP AMC): ₹ 300/- + GST 

b)  Corporate Account
DP Annual Maintenance Charges (DP AMC): ₹ 1000/- + GST

c) NRI
DP Annual Maintenance Charges (DP AMC): ₹ 500/- + GST

Note: DP AMC would be charged once a year in the fourth month after the opening of the account. There will be no AMC charges for the first three months.

Is Call and Trade facility available? What are the charges?

Yes, we offer Call and Trade facility. To avail of this service, you can contact our Call and Trade number at 020-61923220. Please note that if you choose to execute trades through our Call Center, there will be a charge of ₹54 per order (+18% GST).

What steps should I follow to check my Holding Statement, Realized P&L, UnRealized P&L, and Tax P&L?

– Go to My Account

– Select the “Reports” option. 

– Choose the specific report you wish to check

How to apply for an IPO?

To apply for an ongoing IPO click here

No, this option is not available. 

Can I purchase ETFs?

Yes, you have the option to invest in ETFs. 

Can I purchase Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB)?

Yes, you have the option to invest in SGBs. 

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