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Can I add another bank account online?

Yes, you can add another bank account to your existing Demat account, you will have to follow the re-KYC process by visiting here

How to change the password of my Demat account?

To change your password from web, click on “forgot password” option and enter your UCC, Email ID and PAN.

For further assistance, write to us [email protected]

What is the account closure process?

You can close your demat and trading account with Definedge Securities via online mode by following the below-mentioned process:

You need to clear all your dues before you start your account closing process. To know your dues, please check your Ledger balance.

In case you have any holdings or positions in your account, you will have to either transfer your holding to another account within the same account holder(s) name(s) or exit them.

In case you exit your holding, you need to wait for the settlement, following which you can place the process the pay-out request. As soon as your pay-out is processed, or debit is cleared if any you can start with the account closure process.

Shares, mutual funds and government securities under lock-in period can only be transferred to a CDSL demat account.

To close your account through online mode, please follow the given path: -> Account -> Click on any “Edit” symbol -> Enter your UCC and OTP ->Click on the last option (Account Closure)

Can I sell the pledged stock without unpledging it?

Yes, to directly sell pledged shares, POA is required.

How to add a nominee to your demat account?

Please login to with your UCC and OTP, followed by selecting “Add Nominee” option -> Fill up the details of the your Nominee -> Esign with OTP.

After the successful completion of the process, you can “Download” the form and check the details of the Nominee added in the “5” page.

What is DIS slip? How do I get my DIS slip?

The Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) is a procedure to transfer holdings from one Demat to another. Follow the below given path to get your DIS:
My Account-> Requests -> Request Type “Re issue of DIS” -> Submit

Where can I find information about brokerage and charges?

To know about brokerage charges and fees please visit here

How does the wallet points system work?

The amount you pay for a subscription to any of our products will be added to your Definedge Securities wallet. Further, the amount added to your wallet will be adjusted against your brokerage.

For instance, if you purchase an annual subscription to Opstra, the amount paid, which is Rs. 7999, will be added to your wallet with a validity of 1 year. Further, brokerage on all your trades for one year will be adjusted against these wallet points.

What is the process for segment activation?

To add a new segment, you need to follow the re-kyc process.
Kindly login to with your UCC and OTP -> select “New Segment Addition” and proceed further.

How can I pay for the subscription of TradePoint Desktop, Opstra and Rzone?

The subscription amount for paid features is debited from your ledger. The amount is added to your Definedge Securities wallet and can be redeemed against your brokerage.

How do I request for POA?

To request for POA, please follow the below steps:
1. Login to MyAccount and go to ‘Requests’ from the left side column. 

2. On the Requests page, click on the downward arrow under the ‘Request Type’ section and select ‘Request for POA’.

3. Write a brief description for your request and click on ‘SUBMIT’ to send the POA request

How to transfer shares from NSDL to CDSL offline?

To initiate the offline transfer of shares from NSDL to CDSL, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Delivery Instructions slip (DIS) from your current broker.
  2. Fill the DIS with the necessary information for your Definedge Securities demat account, including DP ID and Client ID.
  3. Provide the details of the securities to be transferred, such as ISIN, Security name and Quantity.
  4. Sign the DIS.
  5. Submit the signed DIS to your current broker.

Where can I find information about new features and announcements?

You can find out about new features and announcements by clicking here

What are the contact details for reaching Definedge Securities' support team?
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