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Can I transfer funds through UPI mode in my Demat account?

Yes. To make payment through UPI to your Demat account please follow this link.

How to withdraw my money (Payout)?

There is a complete online process to withdraw funds . Your request is processed within 24 business hours after the trading day has ended. Please follow the below steps to withdraw funds to your bank account. Steps:

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your UCC (eg: 370001) and Password
  3. Click on ‘Withdrawal Request’
  4. Click on ‘New’ 
  5. Select either Securities or Commodities
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Click on Submit.

Can I get limit against my holding?

No. But you can pledge your stocks/mutual funds/ETF and avail limit against it for trading. 

Please Note: Interest is not charged on margin received through pledging until your Ledger balance is positive. However, interest @ 0.05% per day will be charged on the debit balance/insufficient funds in ledger account.

Is maintaining 50% of margin as a cash component required, or can I pledge and use the whole amount as margin for trading in Futures & Options?

You can use only 50% of the margin against securities, while the balance 50% margin must be available in cash/cash components. It may vary as per SEBI rules.

How long will it take to unpledged the stocks so I can sell them?

The process of either way (pledge/unpledge) takes 24 hours.

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