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You will get access to the following products when you open a Demat account.

TradePoint Desktop

TradePoint Desktop based trading terminal with basic & advanced real-time charts of all market segments. All charting types can be viewed with unlimited tools, indicators, and patterns. Straddles, strangle, relative strength, ratio and other options charts for free. It will help you spot unique patterns and indicators in all types of charting methods and segments in real-time.

leading trading platform

Opstra leading trading platform for options strategies becomes trading terminal as well. Place orders directly on the Opstra platform for NSE F&O, MCX and BSE Markets.

Web based trading terminals

Zone Web based trading terminals with basic & advanced real-time charts of all market segments. All chart types have unlimited tools, indicators, and patterns. Straddle, strangle, relative strength, ratio and multi-leg charts for free. It will help you spot unique patterns and indicators in all types of charting methods and segments in real-time.

Mobile based trading terminals

Zone Mobile app for market trading and investment. Free charts, indicators, patterns, tools, option chains, and stock SIPs.

Education Platform

Shelf An education platform that will provide you with knowledge of various trading techniques right from the basics. On this platform, you can find books on innovative trading techniques developed in India by Definedge. All books on the platform will be available for free.

fundamental analysis & Stock Scanning

Radar, an extensive fundamental analysis toolbox of listed companies on NSE and BSE with wide ranging analysis tools including Ratio Analysis, Peer comparison, Financial Statement analysis, etc. It will enable you to conduct stock scanning with key metrics.

online educational platform

Insight It is an online educational platform in video format that allows you to understand concepts in an audio-visual format. All videos will be available to view for free.

Trade Alerts & Notifications

Buzzar You can set price and volume alerts based on the conditions you define. Alerts will be sent via email and the trading terminal.

Weekly Newsletter

The Definedge team releases a weekly newsletter on a regular basis on various market trading strategies. It covers some chart setups and explains trading strategies.


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What Definedge Offers you in Premium Plans

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TradePoint Desktop terminal Pro

TradePoint Desktop terminal Pro with real-time and EOD scanners for all charting types. You can build strategies based on your choice of stocks in any market segment and scan them in real-time or at the end of the day. No knowledge of coding is required. Price, volume, relative strength, OI scanners, matrix tables, and many other innovative studies are available for all market segments. Unique Ultra scanners (semi-algo) for all charting methods. Semi-algo Ultra scanners for straddles and strangles. All market segments have been added and subscription costs have been drastically reduced.

RZone Pro

Rzone, web-baseded product for in-depth market analysis. With a click, you can scan all charting types for EOD and real-time. You can build strategies on your choice of group of stocks in any market segment and scan for them. No knowledge of coding is required. In addition, there are smart scanners, tables, price, volume, relative strength, matrix tables, backtesting, strategy analyzers and all types of breadth indicators available. D Sectors, D phases, D stock reports, etc. Tools to help you make better trading decisions. With features in Rzone, your decision making is simplified. All market segments are added and subscription costs are drastically reduced. Due to deep integration, you can scan in Rzone and Radar for the same group of stocks making it a very unique and in-depth Funda-techno scanner.

Opstra trading terminal Pro

Opstra comes with all advanced features with unique features for building and analysing options strategies. Get all the premium features of Opstra on NSE F&O, MCX and Currency at a drastically reduced price.

Buzzar Pro

You can set up alerts on Email, SMS, Zone App, and all trading terminals for price, volume, or any other strategy you build using price, indicator, or their combination on any charting method. It is an entirely unique alert system.

100% cashback on all your purchases

Wallet Feature

With the Wallet feature in Definedge Securities, we can say that all these products are totally free to use.
And this is not it …… we are still working on more! Constant innovation is our promise.

The amount equal to the subscription you paid will be added to your wallet when you purchase the above products. Your subscription cost for any of our Pro products will be adjusted against brokerage charges until product validity lasts. The brokerage fee will be refunded to your trading ledger on the same day.

For example, if you purchase a subscription of RZone @ Rs. 699 (+ GST) for 1 month, you will receive 699 reward coins in your wallet which are valid till the subscription ends. So all brokerage charges during the subscription period will be adjusted against those reward coins. There is no limit on how many reward points you can use.

Wallet Feature
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