Largecap stocks

May 14, 2024

Adani Group Stocks Chart Setup Ahead of Election Results

As India steers through its general election phase, the financial markets are experiencing heightened volatility, a common phenomenon during such pivotal events. The Adani Group, a prominent conglomerate with significant market influence, is under scrutiny amidst the election fervour. The relationship between the Adani Group […]
April 16, 2024

Use this RZONE tool Before Investing in ETF

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have emerged as a popular choice for investors seeking exposure to a diversified portfolio while enjoying the flexibility of stock trading. While ETF investing is often perceived as a long-term strategy, leveraging the right tools can empower investors to trade ETFs like […]
April 16, 2024

8 Midcap Stocks: An Opportunity in Volatility

Volatility often presents itself as both a challenge and an opportunity in the stock market. Recent days have seen the markets grappling with bearish momentum, causing some investors to grow cautious. Despite the broader market downturn, the Nifty Midcap Index has shown resilience, offering a […]
April 9, 2024

Candlestick Patterns and Trends – Should You Invest Now?

The Indian stock market is excited as the Nifty index scales new peaks, setting records for all-time highs. However, in this apparent bullish trend, a closer look reveals mixed performances among individual stocks. While the Bank Nifty, serving as the benchmark index for banking stocks, […]
April 2, 2024

Swimming in The Big Whale’s Wake – HDFC BANK

In the tumultuous sea of the Indian stock market, one behemoth stands tall, commanding respect and attention: HDFC Bank. Despite facing rough waters earlier this year, with its shares hitting a 52-week low in February 2024, this banking giant has shown remarkable resilience, charting a […]
April 1, 2024

Nifty – The New Base at 21,700?

As the new financial year, 2024-2025, the Nifty, India’s benchmark index, has soared to unprecedented heights, setting a new all-time high. With the first quarter of the year witnessing a steady upward trend, April dawns with a bullish momentum, sparking speculation about the index’s potential […]
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